How often do you backup your social profiles?

I am doing it at least once a year. As a friendly reminder, backup your data that is stored on cloud providers. They are not accountable if the data is lost and your account can be terminated at any time. Have you read the terms and conditions? The big platforms have the option to ask […]

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AI companies scrapping content are DDoS-ing servers

How should we deal with the exponential increase in scrappers? The server admins will now need to daily search the logs and update robots.txt or the firewall to block all the new crawlers? The owners will need to pay more for increased infrastructure resources to deal with all this artificial visits. The traffic analytics will have a bad day trying to filter the human visits from the crawlers.

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Migrating from Get-Msol to Microsoft Graph Get-Mg (Get-MsolUser, Get-MsolDevice, Get-MgUser, Get-MgDevice, Get-AzureADAuditSignInLogs, Get-MgBetaAuditLogSignIn)

Migrating to PowerShell Microsoft Graph to monitor users and devices in Entra. Looking for device join type (Hybrid joined, Entra joined or Entra registered), Entra roles assigments, login logs and M365 provisioning errors.

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