90% decrease in transactional emails cost – going to AWS SES

December 29, 2023

Whan I am developing something I am more focused on the engineering behind and not on setting up basic things. I just use any available system and I will deal with the optimization at a later stage.

This was the case also for rotrafic.xyz, it uses a double opt-in for registration so I used Sendingblue now Brevo for the transactional emails.

While monitoring the registrations I saw that some emails were dropped as the IP of Brevo was blacklisted. This should be easy to fix, I told myself.

Well, apparently not … they are unable to change the IP or take any actions on the blacklisted IP.

This made me to refocus on a proper email solution so I went AWS SES and the results are quite mindblowing.

Let’s set the stage first:

  • No dedicated IP
  • Messages included or in free Tier are not counted
  • Hosted in Europe
  • API or SMTP

Brevo has a starter package where you pay 10 eur/20k emails so 0.0005 per email message not including additional costs.

AWS SES cost per email is 0.10$/1000 emails so around 0.0001/email message.

Seeing such a big difference I said let’s see what I can do for a friend that is using Mailgun. Mailgun costs were around 20-40 eur/month for 20k-40k emails per month. This means a cost of 0.001$ per email message which is 10 times more than AWS SES.

I moved my friend to AWS SES and the monthly costs dropped down to around 1/10 of the previous Mailgun service.


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